Innovations in Rural Marketing

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RMAI workshop will provide an oppurtunity to participants to learn how companies in the FMCG, Durable,Automobile,Agribusiness, Telecom and other sectors have created successful distribution systems. The main highlights will be how to deal efficiently and effectively with the distribution system in Rural markets. This workshop will mainly discussing the issues of Distribution in Rural market in great detail, with help of real experiences of all the corporate sectors involved iting or focussing to enter into the Rural market.

This is intended for Senior Managers and Professionals from FMCG, Durables,Agribusiness,Telecom,Banking,Insurance Companies and Marketing and Brand development, Advertising & Communication organization,Quality and Business Improvement,Business Analysts and Planners, Consulta.


Venue:The Bristo Hotel (Ball room), Gurgaon
Adjacent to DLF Qutab Enclave Phase I,Gurgaon

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