Lovely Professional University Organized Para-Medical Diagnostic Camp

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Jalandhar: The School of Applied Medical Sciences (LSAMS) of Lovely Professional University organized Para-Medical Diagnostic Camp in the campus. According to Ms. Rashmi Mittal, the Executive Dean of the University, “Important Medical Tests like HB, TC, DC, Blood Grouping, Blood Sugar, Urine Complete, Lipid Profile etc were planned so as to make the students and members of the Staff of the University always on the alert in regard to their health.” She further said: “In this Camp the tests were done at very nominal rates almost amounting to less than half the prevalent Market Rates. Hundreds of students and members of staff utilized the service provided at the Camp. It was organized through the Department of Paramedical Sciences in front of Old Pharmacy Block of the University.”

The camp was also conducted by the University as a part of its social responsibility activities. A team of more than 12 Para-Medical staff members rendered their services. For all those who attended the medical camp, the prescribed medicines were also given at very subsidized rates. About 280 persons attended the camp. Ms. Mittal also added: “It is a well known fact that only strong body keeps a strong mind. So, LPU’s such initiatives and activities mainly focus on the students and Employees health.

As such the Department runs regular health oriented camps to provide medical care and medicines at very subsidized rates. In addition to this, such Medical Camps are also arranged in the nearby villages and areas, free or at very nominal rates, for the benefit of the people who cannot afford. These are also to make the people more health conscious and relieve them of their ailments.”