B.Tech//Electrical & Electronics Engineering


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Course Description

Established in 1961 with an undergraduate programme in Electrical engineering, currently the department offers (1) undergraduate programme in Electrical and Electronics Engg. , (2) Post graduate programme in Power Systems,Instrumentation & Control Systems and Power Electronics,Computer Controlled Industrial power and (3) Research programme leading to Ph.D. Degree. In addition to this regular courses, department endeavours to conduct various extension services like post diploma course, job-oriented short-term programmes and training programmes for working professionals

Electrical Engg. Department has been actively involved in research and consultancy in all the fields of Electrical Engg. The major research groups are Power & Energy Systems, Instrumentation & Control Systems, Electric Machines & Power Electronics. Highly qualified faculty and the skilled supporting staff are the strength of the department

The Department has well equipped laboratories and research facilities. It is constantly modernizing the laboratory facilities with latest technology and research know-how. The department office and most of the laboratories are well connected by the institute LAN linking with all other departments and the internet world outside

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