Post Gradutae Diploma in Informatin Management (PGDIM)


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0651-2200873, 2351482
0651-2200873, 2351482

Course Description

Information is considered to be the sixth most vital resource of productivity. In the last few years, Information systems have been found to play a pivotal role in the formulation and implementation of corporate strategies. Information Technology has revolutionized the management today. This has made it imperative for future managers to comprehend information systems thoroughly.
The Post Graduate Diploma in Information Management Program at XISS is a 32 unit, two-year full time programme, designed to train students with various skills in IT as well as HR, needed to succeed as information professionals. Such professionals are familiar with the theory and practice of storing, organizing, retrieving and analyzing information in a variety of settings for success. Information Management students are trained to perform and manage a multiplicity of information related tasks in all the relevant areas of business.
The PGDIM Programme is designed to meet the challenges of rapid changes in our society. Students are continually exposed to scenarios that demand structuring of unstructured problems and proposing solutions to complex situations.
The Post Graduate Programme in Information Management aims at preparing professionals who can develop and analyses Information System strategies in the changed business environment of today.
The focus of the programme is on :
  • Developing skills to re-engineer business processes.
  • Providing adequate exposures in structuring unstructured problems.
  • Instilling self-confidence and capacity to handle work situations.  
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  • PG Dipolma Diploma
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