Infosys Identified Among Top 25 Performers in Caring for Climate Initiative

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Bangalore: Infosys, a global leader in consulting and technology, has been identified as one of the top 25 performers in Caring for Climate Initiative by UN Global Compact and UN Environment Program . The Caring for Climate initiative is aimed at advancing the role of businesses in addressing climate change. As part of the top 25 performers group, Infosys achieved the greatest absolute emissions reductions percentage over the 2009 to 2010 reporting period.

The Caring for Climate Initiative Top 25 performers list recognizes companies that demonstrate leadership in:-

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions that improve their efficiency and that of their supply chain, set targets and transparently report verifiable data on current emissions.
Furthering the understanding of corporate sector’s environmental impact and its role in developing leading solutions to build a low-carbon, climate resilient economy.
Working to engage stakeholders and policy makers to encourage scaled up climate action.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan, Executive Co-Chairman, Infosys said, “At Infosys we had an early realization that businesses will need to lead the transformation towards green growth. We embarked on our green journey in 2007, committing to becoming carbon neutral across all our emissions by 2018. We have since implemented a continuous optimization cycle that has allowed us to take risks and incubate new ideas.”

“Over the past four years, Infosys has saved 290 million units of electricity; by implementing energy efficiency measures across our development centers. This is a special milestone that has been achieved through tireless efforts of the Infosys community. Our inclusion in the Top 25 performers in Caring for Climate Initiatives further validates that our efforts have been in the right direction. We hope that our success proves to be a model and catalyst for other companies to commit to driving sustainability within their businesses”, added Kris.

Over the past five years, Infosys has taken great strides towards becoming a sustainable organization and has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2018. As part of this initiative, Infosys has committed to reduce its per capita electricity consumption by 50% over 2007-2008 levels by the year 2018 and source 100% of electricity requirement from renewable resources (by 2018). From 2007-08 to 2011-12, Infosys has already reduced its per capita, per month electricity consumption by 32.67%,water consumption by 22.87% and GHG emissions by 25.67%. Today, the next generation of optimized buildings at Infosys consume 50% less electricity. The company has been working towards encouraging employees to endorse green practices, designed to reduce the consumption of resources as part of their daily work. Infosys Eco Clubs are passionately involved in creating and partnering in resource intensity practices within the organization, together with our implementation specialists. The company is in the process of applying for more than 5 million sq. ft. of LEED/GRIHA certifications. Infosys was rated the eighth greenest company in the world by Newsweek Magazine in 2011.