Army Public School, Mumbai


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Army School Mumbai, Nanabhoy Moos Road, Near Afghan Church, Opp. INHS Ashvini Hospital, Colaba, Mumbai - 400 005., Mumbai
022 - 22157430 / 22914367
022 - 22157430 / 22914367
English, Hindi
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School Description

Army School, Mumbai is a public school located in Colaba, Mumbai. It is run under Indian Army supervision and is part of the Army Public School network.

15 January 1980 was a red letter day in the history of the Indian Army when the then Chief Of Army Staff announced the involvement of the Army to promote education for the wards of Army Personnel. 


Army Welfare Education Organisation was created and was registered as AWES under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 29 April 1983. Army Welfare Education Society is a non profit welfare organisation.


Army School is an English Medium, Co-educational institution affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. 


The Vision of Army Welfare Education Society is ‘Quality Education at Affordable Cost’. To ensure a holistic development of the Child Army Welfare Education Society has launched a series of initiatives. These are:

Computer Aided Learning

Tutorials using satellite technology through V-SAT (50 Schools)

English Bridge Course for the first generation learners

Managing the challenges of Adolescence

Herbal Gardens in every school for awareness of medicinal plants

Science Parks

Faculty Enrichment Programmes to include English Language Teaching

Games, sports, hobby centers and activity clubs

Life saving skills

Adventure Camps


The wards of serving Army Personnel may seek admission anytime of the year.

Defence personnel from Navy, Airforce, Ex-Servicemen etc. will be given preference over civilians.

20% admission may be given to civilian children, if vacancy exists.



A well equipped computer centre which is extensively used by all the students and departments apart from prescribed syllabus. 


It is an extremely busy hub in the school equipped with LCD Projector, Scanner, Printer, T V and many educational CD’s, slides and cassettes. 




A store house of knowledge which has a good collection of Reference books, CD’s, magazines and newspapers. It is well stocked with a complete range of Reading material to meet the requirement of the syllabi as well as for entertainment. 


Well maintained laboratories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology enable the students to overcome the fear of the subject and enjoy its power of application. 


The School has a small auditorium to conduct the Workshops, Seminars, Talks And Competitions which are organised frequently. 


We have a huge play field where students are trained to play various games. Extra coaching is given to the students with potential in field of sports. Special emphasis on all round development of the child. 


The School also provides bus facility to the students . 

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