Kendriya Vidyalaya INS Chilka


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Kendriya Vidyalaya
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School Description

INS Chilka one of the premier Basic Training Establishments for sailors of the Indian Navy, , Commissioned on 21st February 1980. The History of the state of Orissa abounds in glorious maritime traditions. Washed by the blue sea on the Eastern coast of Orissa, It has the distinction of being endowed liberally with the bounties of Nature and glorious achievement of its great people. INS Chilka is 105 Kms. South of Bhubaneswar on National highway No. 5 and the Howrah-Chennai Railway line. The Naval base is situated upon the vast green expanses bordering the historic Chilka Lake and spreads over an area of 1530 acres. Chilka is largest brackish water lagoon of our country. It is the connected to the Bay of Bengal by two openings. The first is a sandbank which forms a natural lake mouth and is 60 mtrs in width; the other is an artificial canal of about 10 mtrs in width and 12kms in length. Dotted with over 100 tiny and beautiful islands Chilka covers a span of about 650 to 1150 sq. kms. The Lake is shallow. Within the precincts of the base is the K.V. INS Chilka set at the foot of a hill range that soars high up and offers picturesque scenery. Besides catering to the needs of the naval children it is also open to children of the neighboring stations/ villages and so is an important seat/ institution of education in this part of Orissa. K.V. INS Chilka was opened in September 1981 with CAPT. R.J. SHRAMA, AVSM.VRC as its first Chairman of the VMC Board. There after CAPT. GUPTESWAR RAI, N.M served as its Chairman . As many as 19 Chairman have been at the helm of affairs in K.V. INS Chilka and under all these prestigious personalities the K.V. INS Chilka has come a long way. At present the Chairman of the Vidyalaya is Capt.Yashwant kumavat,VSM, Commanding Officer INS Chilka and Principal is Shri Manas Kumar Panigrahi.


Date of opening of the KV 10th septmber 1981

Highest Class XII

No. of sections sanctioned


Class No. of sections

I 2

II 2


IV 2

V 2

VI 2



IX 2

X 2

XI-Sc 1

XI-Com 1

XII-Sc 1

XII-Com 1  


Sector Defence


1) 0.5 kms away from chilka Railway Station(Only passenger trains are halting,EastCoast,Puri Tirupati Express trains are also halting at the railway station.


2) 12 kms away from Balugaon railway station & Bus stop . All the passenger & express trains are halting at BALUGAON railway station except some SUPERFAST trains. 


3) Buses running from Bhubaneswar to Berhampur/Aska are also halting at Chilka Bus stop at N.H.-5, Thana Chowk.

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